My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

outdoor kitchen update

An exterior view of a screen tent with camo net all over it, where the door flap is tied open; inside the tent are various appliances and cabinets and tables; a filthy white Yeti cooler sits outside.

The outdoor kitchen is coming along slowly.

Extreme heat has been a deterrent, and yesterday extreme rain was a deterrent. But now I have a washing machine chassis left over from another project and plan to put the mini fridge into it for protection from rain and pests. I have some screen and mesh to help with that also.

Inside a screen tent, on the left is a brown dorm fridge and on the right are two oblong homemade cabinets stacked one on top of the other.

Once I get the refrigerator squared away, I want to do something different for the cabinets. Like all of my handmade furniture, these cabinets were created for a completely different purpose. They used to be storage bins for my clothes and electronics. They are made of painted OSB with a layer of beadboard paneling on the outside. They will definitely need a lot more paint, and a lot of protection from weather until they get it.

Right now they are completely in the way on the heavy duty table that is there for fish cleaning and deer butchering and things like that.

In their current orientation, they're also are not very practical. I can't put too much stuff in them. I was thinking of setting them on end and building shelves inside. Then I could store a lot more food and equipment and dishes. Or store the existing ones better.