My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

Outdoor Shower

Outdoors, on top of a gigantic pallet, a ramshackle structure of four-by-four posts with walls made of dilapidated plywood and sheet metal. The structure is painted various colors as though with leftover paint.

I should probably call it an outhouse now that the toilet has been moved out here.

Outdoors, against a backdrop of tree limbs, closeup of a black bucket as seen from a lower vantage point.

Looking into the ramshackle structure, past a paisley pink shower curtain. A red plywood cabinet contains a rectangular bag of wood chips. A red and white striped towel hangs from the ceiling. Two white buckets with lids are on top of the red cabinet, lying on their sides. There's a luggable loo in there, but it's hard to see and probably not identifiable.

My dad built me this shower out of pallet pieces last year. I got some of it painted with some leftover marine paint and exterior latex, but the floor, one inside wall, and one outside wall remain. Waiting for some dry weather to finish it up.

The water is in a black bucket with a lid where the sun can heat it up. A kitchen sprayer delivers the water.

The toilet is a luggabe loo on casters. It uses wood flakes to cover the waste. I make regular trips to the dumpster to discard the waste.

There's an ordinary bathroom in my dad's house too.

One project in the list is to roof part of it in bamboo so that I don't get a sunburn using the toilet. That's what the striped towel is for currently.

July 08, 2023