My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

Pecan Tree Problems

A pecan tree with a broken limb, the farther end of which is lying on the roof of a house.

Two limbs came down out of the pecan tree this past week, and now there's one on the roof of the house.

A pecan tree next to a screen tent with camouflage all over it; the tree is obviously missing limbs along the left side.

And unshaded area beneath a pecan tree, with a dusty area where a trailer had been parked.

Do you think the tree is weakened due to these vines? The one with clusters of five leaves is Virginia creeper.

I was unfamiliar with the other, but in a rare case of unanimity, the apps say that it is fox grape, a native grape of North America and related to Concord.

The trunk of a pecan tree standing in a bed of iris plants; the trunk is covered in vines of Virginia creeper and fox grape.

Close up of the tree trunk; the smaller five leaf vine is Virginia creeper and the larger leaves are fox grape.

Fox grape leaves on a vine.