My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

repair and reuse

A heavy duty folding camp chair whose seat has been replaced with a sling of netted cord.

One thing we really believe in out here is repairing things that still have use in them. Or even repurposing. Sometimes we get hilarious results. Sometimes we have to try a few times.

My dad repaired this chair with some net. That was a good try, but this is the single most uncomfortable chair that I have tried to sit in quite some time. It stretches too low and then there's no back support. When I find the right fabric I'll redo it. In fact, I think I have a carrying case for a piece of equipment whose equipment I no longer have. That case may do the trick.

A dusty box fan leaning against a heavy duty camp chair.

Top view of a dusty box fan; part of the grill is peeled away and the control knob is missing.

I think this box fan came from the dump, but I'm not sure. It might have been here the whole time and just aged. You see that the knob is missing and something terrible happened to one of the grills.

When you plug it in, it doesn't always start right away. Actually that may be the reason the grill is peeled away like that; sometimes you have to reach in and give the fan a boost to get started.

But once it gets going it works fine. Which is a godsend in this 100° heat when the breeze dies down.