My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.

Refinements in Netting

A screen tent with the zippered door wide open, covered with some mosquito net that is gathered at the nearest edge.

In a previous entry, I mentioned replacing the zippered entry with some mosquito net. That started making us crazy.

The net hung down too low and dragged in the dirt. The dogs frequently became entangled in it, either when trying to enter or exit, or when wrestling. Humans trying to enter or exit were having a heck of a time too.

Gathering is important to put sufficient pressure against the side of the tent so that mosquitoes can't easily get in. Just laying a single layer of mosquito net across the opening would not offer enough protection for my taste.

I took down that panel of netting and set up a whole new one. Easier than trying to untie all the little knots I did. I can find another application for it.

This one has the gathering at the far edges. And flatness across the gap. I also made sure that it didn't hang too low. That it just brushed the ground. A few mosquitoes may get in along the bottom, but that's a problem with the whole tent, not just the doorway.

So now a human can use one elbow to draw the gathering away and get in the door. And the dogs can just run in and not get caught up. I haven't seen enough wrestling yet with the new panel to know how that works.