My dad's back yard has become a deer camp. Now we are making it cool.


Under long tree shadows, a 20 foot beam with a giant chain through a hole in one end.

An orange vardo-shaped tiny house on wheels hooked up to a John Deere tractor.

I forgot to post the move!!!

A couple weeks ago we moved my tiny house to its permanent location. It's out from under the oak tree and is now helping obscure the total eyesore the single wide trailer house has become.

Dad has offered up a giant beam that is used for train trestles to be the foundation for the tiny. It's a 20 foot creosote-infused beam that we'll saw in half and use under each end of the trailer frame. Sink holes are a hazard around here so a beam like this will help with lateral support.

When installing my wood stove chimney, I discovered massive damage to the roof. Will have to replace THE WHOLE THING. The roof is made of SIPs so this is going to be an engineering challenge. Meanwhile I have a giant tarp on the roof. I hope I got there in time to prevent the tops of the walls from taking internal damage.

Next we need to drag the shower around to the back of the trailer house. And I want to start building the outdoor kitchen soon.