Peekachello Art is a collection of things created by Dave Polaschek. The main categories are Woodworking and Photography, though I am still building out the site.

“Peekachello” is one of the names for Kokopelli that my sweetie came up with when she couldn’t remember “Kokopelli.” I liked the sound of it, and imagine that Peekachello is a strange New Mexico Pikachu / Kokopelli hybrid. There’s a picture in my brain, and maybe I’ll have to figure out how to draw to get it out.

When I tried to describe Peekachello, I came up with the following: Peekachello is a cross between Kokopelli, a DDG image search turns up mostly modern images, crossed with Pikachu. Cute, smol, with a joyful flute and a hunched back. But also electric and definitely a trickster. Yellow and turquoise seem likely colors, and red cheek spots do not seem out of place.

In any case, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. If I find a good image, that’ll definitely appear here.