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2 Values

Values. They affect every part of our lives.

I stumbled upon a blog post by Critter based on Brené Brown's Values exercise.

Brené recommends choosing two values from a list of many. It was easy to whittle it down to 4, but choosing 2 took some time.

The Final Four values were:

These four were interlinked.

Without discipline, there's no freedom, growth & joy.

Without joy, what's the point of having freedom and discipline?

To grow, you will need to enjoy the discipline and the freedom that comes with it.

To have freedom of time and money, you need discipline, a growth opportunity and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

So, my Final Four values were interlinked.

After some thought, I have chosen DISCIPLINE & FREEDOM.

I intend to use my chosen values to guide decision-making and navigate the new year 2023.

Give it a go. If you did, do let me know what your chosen values are.

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