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About me

Welcome to Ridwan's Rough Notes.

I'm Ridwan, and this is my place on the Internet.

One may ask, “Another blog?”. For that, I say, “Why not?”. The Internet has democratised information, opinions and thoughts. We can find them all at our fingertips. This is an incredible scientific breakthrough.

Reading, Learning, and Writing have been part of me since childhood. This blog is a way to share my thinking, opinions & learnings from people, books, podcasts, blogs, etc.

I'm naming this blog “Ridwan's Rough Notes” because I believe there is some magic in blog posts that are not SEO-driven and well-crafted to sell something. I'm not saying it is wrong. I want to set expectations for the readers (should there be any) and myself that this blog focuses on “idea sharing” rather than “content creation”.

Welcome to Ridwan's Rough Notes.

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