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Distinct ERP methods


Dr. Greenberg helped me immensely when I was at my lowest point with OCD. I had already completed a round of ERP therapy with another therapist, but I still felt like I could be doing better. That's when I contacted Dr. Greenberg's OCD Associates.

Their methods are different from other ERP practitioners in that they focus more on response prevention than habituating the feelings towards the thoughts. This was a game-changer for me, as I knew that I would never be okay with thinking these violent thoughts. Dr. Greenberg and his team helped me to overcome the 70% better hump and reach a 95-100% recovery rate. They literally changed my life.

Here are some specific examples of how Dr. Greenberg's methods helped me:

I am so grateful to Dr. Greenberg and his team for their help. They truly changed my life. If you are struggling with OCD, I highly recommend reaching out to them.

The therapist I used


Dr. Suzie Long is an amazing and caring therapist who I used from Dr. Greenberg's OCD Associates. She kept in close contact with me throughout my entire treatment, and she always responded to my emails promptly.

Here are some specific examples of how Dr. Long was helpful to me:

Helpful links
* https://iocdf.org/ The IOCDF (International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation) was where I found my first ERP therapist. Surprisingly, therapists that are specializing in ERP are pretty hard to find. This website also keeps you up to date with news, articles, and even success stories from fellow sufferers.