Rye is a trans genre writer, podcaster, and media critic. Here's their brain.


Welcome to the brain of Rye Serling (they/she)!

With a lifelong love of horror, sci-fi, and storytelling, they write fiction and media analysis. In her blog, you can expect thoughts on horror and personal essays about their gender journey, with some trips into video games and NuWho.

She has written for film sites, the I Dream of Indie YouTube channel, an episode of the award-winning audio drama Someone Dies in This Elevator, and has acted in others.

Find them with their cat, Fennec, scattered fragments of notepaper, or under a pile of blankets with a scary movie.

My links:

-website: https://thatlittleampersand.com/

-social media: https://chai.kibbutz.gay/littleampersand

-ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/littleampersand

dark purple background with two white picture frames: on the left is a drawing of rye (red hair parted and with horns) and on the right is a black cat looking into the camera