simple self-accountability tool, I plan to give freebies for my setbacks, come back often to keep me committed to my promises, & vice versa

Weekly Promises 1:
Fri Jan 20, 2023 thru Thur Jan 26, 2023

My weeks start on Fridays and end the following Thursday

  1. Health/Body/Fitness:
    a. do pullup exercises 2 times this week by Wed Jan25
    b. go for a run 2 times this week by Wed Jan25
    c. take the Trek to get repaired by Sat Jan21, so I can bike to work
    d. low-sugar, low-fat fuel this entire week. (no chips, cookies, cakes, sodas)
    but yes to oatmeal, protein powder, and peanut butter: for 5 days this
    week with a minimum of 2 cheat days

  2. Career/Finance/Business:
    a. earmark $800 to savings by Wed Jan25
    b. create a daily fiscal tracker to track every dollar spent/saved/allocated by
    Sat Jan21
    c. Apply to 3 part-time jobs by Wed Jan25
    d. Get in touch with Financial Loan People by Tues Jan24
    e. Research 30 minutes a day on Green/Sustainability side
    hustle/businesses by Wed Jan25.

    1. Relationship/Friends/Family
      a. daily clean the house, daily sweep, every other day mop, tidy and
      organize downstairs and upstairs,
      b. hangout with Mady for 1 hour this week, play games, and cook together,
      by Wed Jan 25
      c. continue to create a harmonious home by taking interest in Michelle, and
      Brenna for a minimum of 30 minutes by Wed Jan25
      d. go kayaking/hiking/play chess social activities with friends by Thurs Jan26
  3. Community/Social
    a. look for volunteer opportunities by Thur Jan26

  4. Personal Growth/Spiritual
    a. do morning Zazen, 3 times this week by Thurs Jan26
    b. Practice Yoga/QiGong/Meditation min 3 times this week by Wed Jan25