Try something new for 30 days . . . it might just change your life

Easy Challenges

  1. Check and track your weight every day. Easy (1). Benefits. if you track something, you can better understand it, then control or change it.

  2. Journal every day. Easy (3). Benefits. Improve your writing, introspection, clearer thinking. Etc-

  3. Have a Movie Month. Easy to Average (3-6). Do you have a list of movies you have always wanted to see? Or would you like to watch every Best Picture winning movie from the 1930s forward. You can do it as a challenge. Watch a movie a day, or a dah on the weekends, or 3 says a week, whatever works for you.

  4. Read a book. Easy to Average (4-7). Like the Movie Month, read a book or books that you have always wanted to read. Have you it read a book in a while? Do it next month. Just carve out some daily time and read a chapter a day, 50 pages a day, or whatever it takes to get through your book(s).

  5. Skip breakfast. Easy (2). You could skip breakfast everyday for a month and see how that works for you. Some may like it, some not. I know many people who only have a cup of coffee until noon.

  6. Eat breakfast every day. Easy (1). The reverse of skipping. Make sure you eat something for breakfast every day for a month. Can be something small or big, but make sure you get some food in your stomach. You may feel better.

  7. Stop eating French fries. Easy (2-3). This is a sneaky easy way to I prove your diet. Fresh Fries are an American fast food staple. Give them up for a month and see how you feel. Get the fruit cup instead.

  8. Drink water. Easy (2). Water can fill you up, suppress hunger, and is good for you. Drink a certain number of glasses a day a day for a month. See how it make you feel.

  9. Walk every day – Easy (3). Just get out and go for a walk every day for a month, or maybe 5 days a week for a month (2 rest days). Walking is one of the best exercises for you and it is easy to do. You could also set a mileage goal for a month, weekly, or daily.

  10. Daily Calisthenics (Push ups, Abs, etc . . ). Easy to Average (3-6). Commit to doing some basic calisthenics every day (or 5 days a week) for a month. You will feel better and it does not require an equipment and takes only 5-15 mins tops. It is something you could easy add to your daily routine – even the under-busy.

  11. Daily Steps. Easy (3). Similar to dedicated walking, this is also walking, but often without a dedicated walk. Just commit to taking XXXXX number of steps each day (7500, 10000, etc . . . ) Dont overcommit yourself at first. Make sure it is something you can do consistently for 30 days. Fitness trackers and watches make this quite a bit easier than it was in the past.

  12. Read the Bible / Quran / Religious text. Easy (3). Take 30 days and read the scared text of your religion or someone else’s. Here is a list of the Sacred Texts of the Major World’s Religions. Find one and check it out for 30 days.

  13. Pray / Meditate. Easy (1-3). Every day for 30 days take some time to pray. Just one to thirty minutes will do it. Buy a daily prayer or mediation book and use it.

  14. Go to Church. Easy to Average (3-5). Go to or visit a church for a month. Try a new church or go to your own church if you stopped going.