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About Me

You can call me TyChi (pronounced Thai-Chai)

I'll keep my bio here brief, but to find out more about me and connect with me elsewhere, you can find me on my personal home page.

In the mid 2000's I used MySpace and LiveJournal religiously. I never really considered myself much of a writer or a journalist, but I was and I am.

I've always enjoyed writing and trying to express myself using the medium. When all else fades, words are all that will remain. That's why the burning books is like the red flag of red flags. Without words, there's no history. Without history, the people in power have the ability to replay their favorite hits at the expense of the public.

To keep a long-story short, our trust in journalism and the news is eroding. I won't delve into all the how or the why and I'll skip ahead to how we collectively survive in the future where truth is subjective and seemingly unknowable.

With our stories.

By sharing our stories, our authentic, raw and painful tales, we'll show ourselves. There's an undeniable truth within each and everyone of us. Whatever your creative medium is, use it to share your story. Paint, sing, draw, dance, write, whatever it is, put your soul into it. Express yourself and show the world who you are.

For the longest time I thought the best way to change the world was to reach the entire world. To become famous. To get a platform. To use seven seconds in a shining spotlight to get the message I just needed to share and then everyone could see. And that's just super naive.

The secret to changing the world is authenticity. It's such a struggle and I'm pretty terrible at it, but these writings are a start for me. My promise to you here is that this is who I am as a human being.

My droplet of experiences aren't going to change the world, but it can change you, dear reader. I don't know how and I don't know in what way, but hopefully we'll relate to one another. By sharing myself, my ups, my downs, my levity and my burdens, while being a world away, the planet might just seem that much smaller.

Even though we'll likely never meet, we're not so different. I've traveled to many places around the world and everyone I've met just want them and their loved ones to be safe. I wish you and your loved ones are safe and this message finds you well.

Let's shrink the world together.