No answers, only opinions

JavaScript Operating System

We don't have everything, but you'll be surprised in the things we do.

Why? Speed is every thing, feel it. Also, it works on any thing, try it.

Paper. Watch. Flip. Phone. Keyboard. Handheld. Laptop. Desktop. Room.

Why? Power is every thing, feel it. Also, it works in any thing, try it.

Computers. Operating Systems. Applications. Pages. Widgets. Embed. Nest.

To create a custom layout, update the sillonious-brand and replace it with a $60 copy from

On Design Systems

  1. Background is wheel-0-0, derived by host's light/dark mode.
  2. Light mode text is black, dark mode text is white, .85 opacity.
  3. Accent is wheel-0-6, the shared hinge hue for light/dark.
  4. Font size is 1rem, derived by host.
  5. Navigation is at the bottom.
  6. Application switcher top right.
  7. App actions below it.
  8. Context top left.
  9. System top right.
  10. Aspect ratio is 16:9.

On Brand

  1. Words are brand.
  2. Power words are inverted text colors, with accent shadows.
  3. Every module is a mini game sorted by world-level.
  4. Module vocabulary is teach, draw, style, when, learn.
  5. Paper is the pocket.