No answers, only opinions

On Being Online

I tried to run straight at it and couldn't.

It is not something to be had, but rather trapped or caught.

Form a hexagon with a bit of grit and six sides of fence.

From 2038, the doorway to 1912 must be shut.

The masquerade ball.

The approximate voice.

Supply chain transparency.

The bulletin board in 1998.

A computer with a case of the sillyz.

When I turned 18, there were so, so many bad paths open to me.

The one secret that is reproducible by anyone trying to make it anywhere for anything is short.

Don't predict ten years from now.

Predict the perfect future and wake up everyday working towards what needs to be done by this day, same time, next year.

2006 – released my first podcast
2007 – released my first website
2008 – released my first wordpress blog
2009 – graduated community college
2010 – sold my first white labeled design system
2011 – launched a federated social media bulletin board
2012 – tutored beginner C++ through data structures and algorithms
2013 – graduated private college
2014 – wrote minesweeper twice in a day to land a job in silicon valley
2015 – integrated partnerships for identity management with ruby on rails
2016 – released cutestrap
2017 – completed the wizard's journey
2018 – joined netflix
2019 – won netflix studio hackday
2020 – launched prepaid billing, multiplexed 3DS, and upgraded to 2.0
2021 – killed react
2022 – founded
2023 – studied clown
2024 – marketed

Don't compete for attention.

Compete with intention.