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On Organizational Structure

I have now created three organizations.

sillonious- glue code to create a web bridge between hardware and software.

plan98- a collection of web components that may do anything from simple encrypted notes to game engines that connect to off the shelf consumer electronics, such as Nintendo Switch JoyCons and PlayStation DualShocks.

saga-genesis- a stack of html that provides an ide, debugger, sdk, and simulator for upgrading plain text to virtual productions and other narrative driven immersive experiences.


@sillonious/backpack – dotfiles and APE web client
@sillonious/map – network configuration, microservices, and routing
@sillonious/compass – device unification for physical and digital actuation


@plan98/computer – configuration for starting the modular user interface
@plan98/module – utility for creating user interface modules

Saga Genesis

@saga-genesis/engine – maps current space/time locations to saga roms
@saga-genesis/party – couch co-op overlay and room codes
@saga-genesis/sillonious – single player tutorial

All of this is MIT. All of this is one codebase. Soon.

How will you make money?

Private Membership. For $5 per month, you will get cloud saves. I will answer popular questions with short video tutorials, and based on feedback I will grow the internal product in the direction desired by my players.