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What do you mean?

Detectives solving crimes have little information to go on. The information they do have, they'll get on paper, thumbtack it to cork, and string it together, literally, until the've cracked the case.

Crimes? That sound nefarious.

That's maybe too serious of an example. If I were a detective, I'd be working on uncovering the truth of the computer with the case of the Sillyz.

A Case of the Sillyz?

Common computer are binary. All computers are binary. Quantum computers are less binary. Their configurations can be in more than the two positions, 0 and 1. They can be in the reverse position, -1.

https://Sillyz.Computer hinges on this sort of reversible philosophy. The idea is that it exists in fantasy space first, the most reverse position of all, fiction. The author claims the source is Elve.

Then it exists in JavaScript, making it available on the web and any other device. But that came from somewhere, a server.

The server exists in JavaScript for 64-bit systems. If you have a 64-bit system, you can reverse the public server into your private, now cloud. Of which, the database would be one more service, also reversed in. The client, reversible.

That's the silliest thing, right? Where is this computer?

I feel it. I see it. I touch it.

I turn it off. I turn them all off.

And I when I walk down the street, still, it remains.

I'm going to get to the bottom of this and maybe you should too.

As an act of good faith, here are my notes: