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Welcome! This blog is a collection of my thoughts and observations as I process this funny ol' world we live in. You'll find all kinds of things here as time goes by. Check out my Search page for a range of topics grouped by tags, or my Archive if you prefer to scroll through by date. You can follow my blog using an RSS reader by adding .

About me

I'm a forty-something Englishman living in Wales married to a Canadian, father of a delightfully happy little girl born in the pandemic. I've moved around a lot, mainly in the UK but also including 5 years in the US. Much of this was as a research scientist and I continue to work in the university sector but now supporting impactful research rather than doing it.

Why “zymotux”?

Zymo from zymurgy, the science of fermentation! Check out my #beer posts.

Tux is the name given to the Linux mascot. You can find out more about Tux on Wikipedia and more about my relationship with #Linux in this blog.