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Alleyway pubs

I've always liked the pubs hidden down alleyways and side streets of big cities. Finding them feels like you're peeling back the surface layer of the metropolis to find a hidden gem inside, whether that gem be shiny or a little bit of an uncut diamond in the rough of a dive bar. Something about just having a few of these in your back pocket can make a bustling city your city. The Midnight Pub is the internet's version, although I prefer the Small Alley entrance in Gemini space!

Of all the places that I've lived, London has the most. Dive down a side street from one of the main drags and you can find yourself in another world. If I were to choose only four in London though, they would be the four below. It's no accident that they lurk in the shadows of railway stations, where regulars in the know find solace in the space between work and the commute:

There are plenty more alleyway and side street pubs that hold spots in my heart in other cities I have lived in or visited. The Retreat in Reading. The Hillgrove Porter Stores in Bristol. Whitelock's in Leeds. The Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco. The Albany in Cardiff. The list goes on...

...which alleyway pubs will you be returning to when you get the chance?

Entry 77 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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