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I'm fighting a multi-front war against cardboard boxes and the boxes are winning. Beer boxes. Baby boxes. Lockdown boxes full of home-office IT kit, toilet rolls, tissues and bulk eco-friendly toiletries. A Friday night pizza box in the kitchen. Boxes in the living room. Boxes in the bedroom. Boxes in the office. Boxes multiplying every time I turn around in the downstairs bathroom.

The Canadian has a long-term love affair with boxes and likes to hide a range of them around the apartment, mainly tucked under tables. She is a box-obsessed Domesday prepper. She has pet boxes. Before lockdown we negotiated an agreement whereby she would restrict her total box number to those that would fit beneath a table or two. For full disclosure, I'm not averse to a box or two myself but like to think I have it under control, restricting them to items I've just bought that may need to be returned, or boxes that serve a clearly defined purpose (e.g. containing beer!).

The boxes are not under control. It's time to mount a serious offensive.

Entry 6 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-05-31 #100DaysToOffload #lockdown