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Reading other people's blogs on “Read” and “100 Days to Offload” feels like a mix of voyeurism, a search for inspiration, and through time, an emergent sense of being part of a virtual community. Right now I'm particularly enjoying seeing linkages pop up between blogs. Here are a few examples:

As well as explicit linkages, just seeing posts that echo with my own experiences and thoughts add to this sense of community:

I also stumbled across the guilty-pleasure gem that is The ACME Tribune (pure escapism about the “ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration”).

I guess I could kick things up a gear and interact with everyone on the Fediverse through Mastodon etc. but I am hesitant to do so. I stepped away from Facebook and Twitter towards the end of last year. So much noise, so little signal. While there is a trade-off in immediacy and interaction, I'm finding a sense of relief in being largely removed from social media and FOMO – so for now, I'll enjoy everyone else's blogs with vicarious pleasure and hope a few of you gain some pleasure and sense of community from mine too!

What is on my “Plank”?

My “Plank” is Latte Dock. It is definitely a work in progress as I've only recently started my Linux laptop and it is solely for personal use. Maybe I'll post an update in 3-6 months!

Image of my Latte Dock, 7 June 2020

From left to right:

Coming soon once I get launchers sorted as they do not come with their AppImages:

Entry 9 of my participation in the “100 days to offload” challenge. Find out more and join in!

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