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“Dad beers”

Lately I've been drinking plenty of low abv beers, fulfilling my prediction from just over 2 months ago – they're a sensible option in my current era of fractured sleep when I need to be a responsible handler of the wee one! So, time to give a verdict on which are my faves so far and some thoughts on which ones I might try next.

Weighing in below 0.5% we have...

In the <0.5% category, I ordered a couple of cases of Thornbridge's Zero Five, and find myself reaching for it more than I do their 2.5% “Carry Us All” Table Beer. I've blogged about these two before so won't go into details but it sure makes me happy to have a stock of a go-to favourite in this category in the house!

I also came across a handful of new beers to me at the Roath Bottle Shop. I enjoyed Lervig's 0.5% No Worries and Pohjala's 0.5% Tundra but the standout for me was the 0.3% Konx from Omnipollo. Hazy, hoppy and flavoursome, the only annoyance with this brew is that Omnipollo's relentless quest for innovation means I can't find more of it! From their website,

This beer has taken a year to develop and with a hopping rate equal to our IPAs and an expressive yeast blend, this beer is a true delight.

OK Omnipollo – all I can hope is that if you put that much time into perfecting the brew you'll bring it back! Or take the lessons learned and brew something equally delicious at this abv. I'll keep an eye on you just in case...

...and in the 2-3% corner!

My discovery here, courtesy of the brewery being featured by BeerBods one Thursday night, is the delicious 2.8% Micro Kellerbier from Glen Affric brewery. This beer won “World's Best” in the “Kellerbier Amber/Dark” category at the World Beer Awards in 2019, which is some indication for you considering the low abv! While appreciative of malty amber German lagers, I sometimes find them too sweet for me and true to that I wouldn't personally have more than one at a time of these but it is rich and lovely and you won't believe it isn't full strength! The brewery states that,

The Micro Series is an exploration in the development of exceptionally flavourful beers with deceptively low ABVs.

I hope they keep this one around but if not, I'll be looking out for the next in the series! Intriguingly, Glen Affric also brew beers with CBD extract.

Other beers I've been enjoying at this strength are Cloudwater's delicious 2.5% Small Pale (drinking one now) and 3% Hoppy Lager, Small Beer's 2.7% Steam (this week's feature beer on BeerBods), the previously mentioned Thornbridge Carry Us All and Burning Sky's 3% Tail Crush (another fun find from the Bottle Shop). Of this list I think I'll get a Small Beer multi-pack next, as it comes with a wider range of 1.0-2.7% beer and I admire their philosophy.

My journey in sensible “Dad beers” continues!

Entry 29 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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