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Early morning haikus

I seem to be into poetry writing at the moment. This morning I was up early, sitting in the rocking chair with a sleeping babe, drinking my coffee. I typed out four different haikus on my phone, all trying to capture this early spring morning in Cardiff as seen and heard through my window. It's apparently a favourite physical setting of mine for poetry writing, having also composed poems last August and another in February.

Cold day breaks slowly
Bare tree silhouettes swaying
Against cloudy sky

Morning sun breaking
Through grey clouds of early spring
Buds on swaying trees

Time hangs in the air
Sounds of birds and cars increase
Sleepy Sunday starts

Morning person – nope!
Yet peace I find as you sleep
Coffee – ah the bliss!

After babe woke up and started playing, I found myself inspired by my recent exploration of alternate economics and by an article a friend messaged me to write a couple more:

Grow and grow and grow
Unchecked no friend of nature
The economy

Communities' hearts
Beats paused by the pandemic
How many survive?

That last haiku is about the fate of local pubs, a subject close to my own heart. Fingers crossed that many will survive to re-open fully when the ravages of the pandemic have subsided. I've not drunk inside a pub for a year or so now. My Thursday night virtual pub with friends (now going for over three years) has taken on even greater import – but my first time having a pint or two of Brains Dark down The Albany on a Friday night will be welcome indeed!

I'm enjoying haikus (thanks again to blogger “whereitsdue”). Something about the standard 5-7-5 syllable structure stretches my creativity while remaining tractable to write in a short time. A bit like the 6x6 sudokus in easy mode on the SECUSO app. I know there's more to them and may explore the subtleties around the form later, including different syllable options... but for now I'm finding a surprising amount of satisfaction in the basics.

Entry 66 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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