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Norah Jones and liminal spaces

Not listened to this CD in years but sometimes an album just feels right. “Come away with me” on in the background, a glass of whisky near to hand (Lossit, a most welcome gift from a friend!), and typing away a few thoughts in Typora, the stresses of the day leaving as the last remnants of daylight fade to darkness.

Listening to this album takes me back to working in my (then) local library, filling time between my consultancy job and starting my PhD. I'd worked at the library on and off since the age of 16 and it was really nice to be there full time for 7 months, enjoying a low stress job that added a little happiness to people's lives. One of my favourite shifts was the front desk where you registered new members, directed the public where to go and worked through some admin tasks. One of the perks of that shift was taking a CD or two from the lending library and playing it in the lobby. This album was one I threw on regularly so listening to it takes me back a little to that time and place.

Back to the present, the combination of whisky, music and typing is acting as a great release, occasionally punctured by the sounds of cars lazily drifting in through the window with the cool after-rain breeze. Over on the couch The Canadian stretches out trying to make herself comfortable, resting her iPad on an ever-increasing Bump.

Not long now 'til baby arrives. Life is full of these “liminal spaces”, in-between moments recovering from the last major event and waiting for the next. Like my time in the library I mentioned earlier. Or travelling. Yes, you can squeeze something “productive” out of them – or you can choose to enjoy the downtime when all you are meant to be doing is going from A to B. Pause. Look out the window. Read a book or listen to a podcast. Reflect and regroup.

I think these spaces are going to become increasingly precious to me as life moves in a new exciting direction. Time to stop taking them for granted!

Entry 13 of my participation in the “100 days to offload” challenge. Find out more and join in!

2020-06-17 #100DaysToOffload #whisky #music #LiminalSpaces