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Sledging in the snow

We're in Canada now, introducing our little one to my wife's side of the family. It's her first time encountering snow and so far she loves it! The highlight being the pure joy in her face as I pulled her and her Mom around in an orange plastic sled in the local park, especially sliding down the gentle slopes.

She's really been enjoying meeting her grandparents, uncle and aunt in person and it's wonderful seeing them finally able to pick her up and give her a hug, chase her around and play.

The 16 hours door to door across the Atlantic went as smoothly as I could have hoped for and the five hours jet-lag adjustment has also been a breeze. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop – we'll have to see how the return journey goes!

There's plenty of time left in this visit to do “stuff” but for now it's enough – more than enough! – to be once again in my in-laws basement, in the land of snow and Tim Hortons.

2022-03-10 #Canada #family #weather

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