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Storm Eunice

Whoosh, whoosh, Storm Eunice!
Red warning, no trains in Wales
Safe and warm at home

One of the biggest storms I can remember hit the UK today, with high winds still happening now. We pulled the bins into the garage, kept our toddler at home, and got on with day while the updates rolled in. Three dead, part of the roof of the O2 Arena blown off, lorries blown over, storm surge waves at the coast, all trains cancelled across Wales for the first time.

One of the images literally closest to home was a large tree strewn across one of the roads on the walk to nursery. Glad we kept her home!

The worst seems to have past, more wind than heavy rain with this one. The forecast in advanced allowed many to prepare, and we've been spared large-scale flooding. Fortunately, the power has stayed on, unlike in the Great Storm of 1987 from my childhood.

Dramatic stuff – I've had a hot chocolate but think a quick dram of something stronger before bed might be called for! Time to wrap up this post and choose a whisky – eeny, meeny, miny, mo!

2022-02-18 #weather #haiku #poetry

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