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It's getting tense now as I enter the home straight of #100DaytoOffload. 15 days for 13 posts, including this one. That's a faster pace than I'd prefer so today will be a bit of a stream of consciousness that I add to as the day progresses. Let's start!

10:30 – Drinking coffee, listening to Jewel's “This way” album, taking a quick break from the morning's work. The sun is currently out so I might pop to the shops in an hour or so as this afternoon promises showers and I don't want to melt in the rain. Had an interesting discussion this morning with The Canadian after babe was dropped off at nursery, touching on the challenges of scaling up social/environmental interventions. There's a thought provoking Freakonomics podcast I listened to on this recently.

22:15 – OK, so that stream of consciousness didn't work as planned lol! The day raced away with no time for blogging. I did get out for a run with The Canadian before lunch instead of popping to the local shops. We opted for a short but hilly route, carrying on our discussion from the morning (she'd listened to the podcast since then). A quick shower, lunch and then an afternoon of online meetings before my alarm went – time to pick up the baby from nursery! Back she came and happily dominated our evening with food, play and bath before sleep came a calling.

Now all is quiet. I need to put the coffee on for the morning, Maybe grab a non-alcoholic beer and head to The Midnight Pub for a bit before watching Netflix. I started a news series last night for the first time in forever as TV has been squeezed out of our lives recently with the exception of CBeebies! The series, Shadow and Bone, is promising so far and the aesthetic reminds me a little of Carnival Row. Turns out both were shot in Eastern European settings rich with history and architecture, the former in Hungary and the latter in the Czech Republic. OK, time to post this!

Entry 88 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-05-11 #100DaysToOffload #blogging

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