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The family that blogs together

My wife, The Canadian, has started a blog. Check it out and give it some love over at Hopefully, having two of us on parallel blogging tracks will keep us going! I do like having shared hobbies and interests. We did both have Wordpress blogs years ago, that time around with her starting one first (on expat life and running) followed by me (on beer and homebrewing).

We also both used to run – again, her starting first followed (much later!) by me. Both running and blogging as shared interests have certain characteristics in common. You can set off on a solo effort, every step or keystroke a cathartic experience easing some of the pressure of the day. Having a partner who understands the need to carve out that time because it is a need they have too is really helpful to keep you motivated. They can celebrate your good efforts, empathise at the tough ones, and support when circumstances prevent you from making the starting line. In theory, you can blog together as well as going on a run together – maybe something to explore in due course!

I also like the idea of our daughter reading these posts later in life, getting a better sense of who her parents were/are, connecting our blogged experiences and musings with her own childhood memories.

So blog on mapledragon, blog on!

Entry 26 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-08-23 #100DaysToOffload #blogging #family