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Time to run

Yesterday evening, without overthinking it, I changed into my running clothes after my toddler had fallen asleep and went for a run. First one in almost 5 months. The summer sun was low in the sky, the warmth of the day tempered with a cooling breeze.

At the start my chest burned a little but soon fell back into the rhythm. My knees held up, no major twinges anywhere else, and I settled in with one of the KEXP running podcast soundtracks keeping me company. As the run progressed, my head cleared, the world narrowing in focus (next steps) and the background hazing out (literally as I don't wear my glasses when I run, and figuratively as the background mental noise fades away). My route took me on a loop down roads, along the edge of the hospital and through the park, past the playground that my toddler loves (“whee, whee!”).

I was super chuffed that not only did my body hold it together to complete all 5k but I did so in a respectable 32 mins – yeah! Plenty of stretching afterwards and a lovely chat to my next door neighbour, followed by a Thursday night BeerBods online catch-up with friends.

A good evening following a good Bank Holiday spent ticking boxes (haircut, new trousers for me, new clothes for my toddler).

It's been a difficult few months for me since coming back from Canada and my mental health has suffered. I only realised quite how much the other week. Time to put in place the things I know can help, such as running, and writing this blog.

Happy Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend all.

2022-06-03 #running

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