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Pulled myself out of bed this morning to get the little one ready for nursery. Normally The Canadian does this (she's much better at mornings) but it was another night of interrupted sleep and feedings. Since I was up, I pulled on my running gear and after dropping off the babe, the wife and I went for our first 5k run together since 2016. Damn, that felt good!

I've been popping in and reading the blogs on even though I've not found the time/energy to blog myself in the last week and a half. There's been a bit of blog housekeeping from tmo and Jetgirl (good luck with the new blog website!), which inspired me to refresh my /now page and chuck my “Follow” info into my About page. Nothing major – overall I'm still happy with the look and feel.

I might start structuring my blogging a little more, perhaps come up with a bank of ideas so that I can write a little more frequently. I still harbour vague ambitions of getting to 100 blogs in a year – we will see! Anyway, time to get back to the day job...

Entry 58 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-02-23 #100DaysToOffload #running #blogging

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