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Week 1 complete (couch to 5k)

Three runs, all the same (5 mins brisk walk at start and end, 8 repeats of 60 secs running with 90 secs walking between each). The first time out (Monday 28th Dec) sure felt a bit rusty, with various aches and pains but by the third run, I felt ready to progress to Week 2. Bring it on!

I pulled on a knee support for my right knee and took an extra day between Run 2 (Wednesday 30th Dec) and Run 3 (Saturday 2nd Jan) just to be on the safe side. No point blowing my knee out at the beginning of the programme! Made sure to stretch afterwards too. My recovery snacks will get healthier but for now are Christmas season leftovers ;–) lol.

Found a nice loop that worked, down back alleys and around the outside of the cemetery. Less crowded than through the park and around the lake, plus the hill added another nice challenge.

Clothing-wise I realised my running gear was optimised for California but I managed to find some thermal long johns from when I went to Iceland in 1998. A little tighter than back in the day but good enough!

Feels good to be running again. Will try and keep it up once I get back to work, although working from home should make that easier.

Entry 50 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-01-03 #100DaysToOffload #running #CouchTo5k

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