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When autumn leaves begin to blog

It's been awhile, friends
Since I blogged a blog for you
Life's pattern weaves on

Just over three months in fact! I now most definitely have a toddler rather than a baby, we've moved to a house with a garden and a garage so said toddler has somewhere larger to toddle than our previous two bed flat, and I've started transitioning into a new role at work.

...but all is calm and quiet in the house right now on this Friday night, and this time when my thoughts stretch to my blog I have enough oomph! to overcome the activation energy preventing me putting my fingers to the keyboard...

...and once there they dance! Text escaping for the joy of words flowing free, no particular rhyme or reason this time, no weighty ponderances of this or of that, just words hammering out and pitter pattering over the screen like the rain that has started to fall in Wales as we transition firmly into autumn.

But this afternoon we had a break in the rain and out I stepped in my old chunky brown jumper, brown flat cap and jeans, to walk over the leaves and under the tall trees lining the street on the way to nursery. I do enjoy it when the weather is poised at the exact point for that cosy jumper, still stylish after all these years!

Time to release this blog post before I push my luck as the toddler is down in her cot for the first time in more months than I care to admit.

Perchance to blog again soon?

Nos da!

Entry 93 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-10-01 #100DaysToOffload #poetry #haiku

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