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Two chicken enchiladas with sauce and cheese, resting on a glass plate, which is resting on an oak table.

Made some chicken enchiladas this evening. They came out pretty tasty. More Minnesota heat than New Mexico heat, which suits our palates just fine.

Enchiladas are a two part meal (three if you’re making your own tortillas, but I’m not that hardcore yet). Filling is meat or cheese or beans, which gets wrapped up in tortillas, and then covered in sauce and cheese.

The #recipe for the filling was just basic taco meat seasoning, with some sautéed chicken. We make our own, but the packets of taco seasoning from the grocery store are fine, too.

The sauce is something I’ve never made before, though I’ve done a lot of sauces. A couple chiles and some diced onions, sautéed until they were nice and tender (I should’ve had roasted chiles, since it’s that time of year, but I’m out); four tomatoes from the neighbor’s garden, chopped up pretty good; a teaspoon of garlic; and a cup of chicken broth. Put it all in a saucepan, cook for a while, then hit it with the stick blender to smooth it. It wasn’t thickening as quickly as I liked, so it got a heaping teaspoon of corn flour to encourage it. It was a more tomato-y sauce than you get at most places in New Mexico, and it had a little more heat than you see at places in Minnesota, so I figure I did ok.

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