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Yet Another Pasty Recipe

For those who don't know, pasties are basically single-serving pies with a complete meal inside. They were popular with miners in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well as on the Iron Range in Minnesota because packed in a lunch-tin, they would still be warmish after a morning's worth of work. There are ton of pasty recipes on the web. Here’s mine. Makes a whole bunch.



Preparation time

a hour or two, depending on how many breaks you take

Cooking time

40 minutes



This is a huge batch, but I liked the flavor.

Reheating directions for frozen pasties: Pre-heat oven to 500°F and put pasty in on a pie-plate or cookie-sheet. Immediately turn the temperature down to 350°F. Let heat for 40-60 minutes, until warm through. They definitely want ketchup or gravy when re-heated.


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