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Who am I?

Well... I'm Dave! πŸ‘‹

I live in Prairie country near the beautiful Canadian Rockies with my family. I'm a proud Aussie who ironically became a Canadian citizen on Australia Day many years back.

I studied Hebrew and archaeology at university, was a youth pastor in several churches, and worked as a youth worker/food services manager for a Christian social non-profit.

Most recently, I have been a stay-at-home dad while transitioning my career into OSINT, Online and Private Investigations.

I am a Christian who is a bit of a theological mutt – influenced by the rich theology and traditions of Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, and the Baptist church. There is also a bit of a (restrained) Charismatic influence too.

Though faith is vital to my identity, I loathe hyper-spiritualized politics and hate.

I'm an INFJ (Advocate) and Enneagram 2 (Helper) type who, according to the Political Compass is a left-leaning liberterian. On the spiritual side, my APEST Personal Vocational Assessment has me as a Prophetic-Shepherding type.

Besides that, I'm just a guy who loves podcasts, movies, football (soccer), family adventures and writing.

What do I write about?

OSINT & Investigations: OSINT, Python, Privacy, Tools and learning the art of Private/Online Investigating. This includes my hobby research project focusing on the rise of Christian nationalism in Canada.

Prairie Life: Thoughts about Life on the Canadian Prairies, including Family News, Politics, Travel, Photography, Mental Health, Fitness, Toxic Families/Relationships, Disability and Parenting.

The Liturgy of Life: Devotional Thoughts, Sermons, Lament, Theological Quotes, Prayers, rethinking my Theology, and seeing Jesus in the ordinariness of Life.

Media & Pop Culture: Podcasts, Movies, Books, Music, Video Games and all things Pop Culture.

The Curry Pot: Recipies for Curries, Soups and the other things that I make in my Instant Pot.

Brain Soup: Whatever is on my mind, regurgitated for your pleasure – usually in rant form.

Finally, I have also written extensively on my experience with familial, spiritual and emotional abuse.

Where to find me:

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