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I started this blog post ten days ago but work has been pretty intense recently. Autumn leaves have been falling for awhile now here in Cardiff, with the leaves turning shades of yellow, brown and occasionally red. It's a lovely time of year for walking and before the rain set in and the pace of work picked up I was taking advantage of it, strapping on the babe to wander upstream or downstream through the succession of green spaces running alongside the Nant Fawr stream.

Those walks seems like a distant memory with the rain coming down, Wales once again in lockdown, and me stuck in the office on Zoom/Teams calls, firing off emails and supporting grants getting written. The after-work commute home is up a flight of stairs to pitch in with dinner and look after my wonderful baby and wife. Tonight is a rarity with both babe and wife in bed before 11 giving me time for a few words.

Babe is trying to roll over now, throwing her head and body into it, hoping her legs and arms will follow. While this is very frustrating for her, she gets welcome release from partying away in her bouncy chair, singing along with us to Bonnie Tyler (good Welsh girl!) and giving great big gummy smiles that light up her eyes.

The weather has been hovering around 10oC , a temperature which can mean anything from a plaid shirt over a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves through to a fleece and waterproof depending on the sun, rain and clouds accompanying it. As annoying as it is for getting the layers right, I do like this cooler weather for walks. Hopefully soon I'll get out and stretch my legs again a bit further than the local Tesco's for groceries... although looking at the weather forecasts, if it's before next Tuesday I better take a raincoat or a brolly!

Well, that's all for now folks – fingers crossed I'll get to my next post before another three weeks have elapsed!

Entry 37 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-10-29 #100DaysToOffload

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