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Finally defeated the cardboard boxes again! After licking their wounds for a bit following the pre-baby box-clearance back in May, the boxes have been steadily re-infiltrating the household but enough was enough! I made time today in my leave to fight back and filled ten (yes TEN!) big green recycling bags with broken-down boxes from beer and baby purchases. Phew! That feels better! Must try to be more vigilant to prevent their next attempt to take over the apartment...

Speaking of beer, last night's BeerBods featured a really nice, malty 5.2% Scottish Ale from Loch Leven brewery. Nothing fancy, just a solid beer done well. I also debuted a password-protected blog I started for our Thursday night BeerBods Zoom Pub crew. The goal is to keep track of the breweries we've been buying directly from during lockdown (28 collectively at last count), as well as the brewery/distillery tours and various gatherings we've had together down the years. Password protection is a really neat feature of the Pro account. Not everything needs to be in the public domain but having a space you can share with a select group of people is another way of keeping those bonds strong with distance.

On to my fourth “b”, baby is full of delightful smiles and now laughs too! Major recent developments are facing outwards when strapped to my front in the baby carrier (time to see the world!), rolling onto her side, and her hand/grasping skills are definitely improving! Such a fun time but this current rapid neuro-developmental phase is interfering with sleep at the moment though!

Entry 42 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-11-13 #100DaysToOffload #beer #BeerBods #blogging

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