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(Shout out to Inquiry with the title of this post!) So, Weeks 4 and 5 now complete of the Couch to 5k! Finally got to do what felt like a decent chunk of running for the last workout of Week 5 – 20 mins continuous pounding of the back alleys and quieter roads of the neighbourhood with a few decent inclines thrown in for good measure.

I put on a timer and listened to one of the great Runner Powered Podcasts / Runcasts from KEXP – you can find them within KEXP's The Weekly Mix podcast[1] or on Each podcast is an eclectic mix of Indie music that works perfectly with running. I came across them while first getting into running back when I lived in California and have happy memories of them powering me along the local trails during the daylight and up a long, long hill during my mid-week fartleks in the dark. Being able to listen to one while running again after years of not doing so was uplifting.

The run felt good, exhilarating even at times. There was a chill in the air and a light rain started part way through. Before I knew it, my timer went off. Felt like I could have run further but decided to be sensible, play it safe and follow the schedule.

I was never that much into exercise as a kid. BMX and tennis in the local parks, swimming in one of the local pools, pulses of badminton activity. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I flirted with the gym before finally having a pulse of sustained exercise in my mid to late thirties. My running and gym habit disappeared in the lead up to moving continent and never really got started again. Now in my forties, I feel like its time to stretch, strengthen and do what I can to keep my body in order so I can keep up with my baby daughter as she grows. I'd forgotten that it also feels good though!

It would be nice to use this Couch to 5k as a springboard for longer term sustainable physical exercise – something that we can pass on to our daughter. One step at a time though! Keep on running ;–).

[1] For anyone interested in downloading the Runner Powered Podcasts from The Weekly Mix (including my future self!), they are Volumes 405, 406, 413, 459, 486, 512, 571, 575, 579, 583, 622, 627, 632, 637, 668, 673, 677, 684, 728, 732, 736, 740.

Entry 55 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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