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Varying up the spacer beers

Photo of twenty <0.5% "spacer" beers 27 Jan 2021

As much as I love drinking Thornbridge's wonderful <0.5% Zero Five Pale Ale, sometimes a little variety is in order. So as a treat to myself I used a little birthday money to go crazy at and buy the beers in the photo above. When combined with a few I picked up from the local Roath Bottle Shop, this means I now have twenty different “spacer beers” in stock. Twenty!

Good job really as the lovely little babe is seven months old and going through a phase of only sleeping in bed with us – so for now, anything stronger is off the menu.

Lots of good beers to choose from but my standout so far has to be Sam's Brown Ale from the Samuel Smith's brewery. I wasn't sure what to expect as Sam Smith's is a traditional brewer (Yorkshire Squares in Tadcaster) while most of the NA beers are coming from craft brewers these days. Still, I've long enjoyed their bottles of Nut Brown Ale and they do a terrific job of preserving some wonderful pubs (check out The Princess Louise in Holborn, London, when life permits again). The beer does not disappoint, hitting the malty notes desired. I will definitely be getting more!

Entry 54 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-01-31 #100DaysToOffload #beer #SpacerBeer

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