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Drinking in The Midnight

I'm now a patron of The Midnight Pub and have set up a (sub-)capsule/room at the pub too. You can find it on the web but it's more fun accessing it via Gemini space! I still need to do some decorating of the web version of my capsule, probably with a variation of the Lagrange Midnight Pub CSS theme I'm currently sporting on

So far it's been a fun experience playing with another odd little corner of the online world. I've started a couple of conversations in The Midnight and replied to a couple more. I don't mind the slow pace of action there too much as it underscores how new the whole thing still is and how underpopulated compared with the unrelenting noise of the interwebs! I'm including my second post in the pub below, from yesterday, as it is a nice analogy as to how it feels to me:

Midnight in the Hall of Worlds

It struck me that The Midnight has a lot in common with Honest John's tavern in Raymond E Feist's Riftwar Cycle fantasy novels. The story goes that one day Honest John found himself in the Hall of Worlds...

...described as a yellow-white path approx 20ft wide with rectangular silver doors spaced apart every 50 feet or so between which is the nothingness of the void. It is said that the Hall of Worlds connects to every world in the universe. [1]

...anyway, our hero Honest John stumbled off the side of the path but instead of finding the void he found a pocket dimension and did the only sensible thing – open a pub! Through time this pub became acknowledged neutral ground for the various dangerous beings that stalked the Hall – because everyone needs refreshment!

As a further likeness to The Midnight, Honest John found that he could keep adding to the pub so over time it grew and grew, with some beings setting up their own rooms. There are divergences with The Midnight of course... unless being the landlord here makes m15o effectively immortal, or if all sorts of commerce and bartering creep into the capsules!

Still, the whole concept of Honest John's always struck a chord with me – as does The Midnight in its own friendly pocket dimension.

[1] Midkemia fandom wiki

Entry 72 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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