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Staying local

We were in Canada visiting relatives when the screws started to tighten on the pandemic, both over there and over here in the UK. Cutting the trip short, we flew back on a much emptier than usual plane. That was over a year ago now and in the time since we've been less than 3 miles distance from the apartment.

I'm sure that having a baby has helped the restriction feel less onerous than it would otherwise be. She's certainly taken a lot of our focus and energy! Not having a car has also restricted us more so than in the before-times when we were proud users of the great public transport system over here.

We've enjoyed getting to know the side streets and hidden green areas of the neighbourhood, striking off in directions we'd had no cause to walk down before. The alleyways became our friends when good weather plus lockdown-fatigue led people to be less conscientious in their space-giving in the popular parks nearby. They've also been my go-to this year as I've been loosing weight and getting running again.

I've paid more attention to the birds visiting the beech tree outside our front window (chirp chirp!). The green recreation grounds just the other side of the road have been great for socially-distanced drinks in camping chairs with friends as and when restrictions have allowed.

Overall I've been surprised by how the lack of travelling has not hit me harder. Some of it must be the nesting instinct with the baby. Some a survival instinct. Maybe some the knowledge that I've travelled a bunch already in my life so some time without it isn't so bad.

Zoom, Skype etc. have certainly helped, with our pre-pandemic virtual pub becoming even more important. The wonders of tech can only go so far though, only partially keeping the human need for contact at bay. We've been without our social bubble since Christmas when Wales went into lockdown followed by our daughter starting nursery. I'd like my now 9 month old to meet her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and our friends but need to be patient.

The vaccines are continuing to roll out across the UK, with much of my family vaccinated while my parents in-law have now had their first jabs in Canada too. Restrictions are easing in Wales as case loads decrease. Together with the weather improving, we can start to see local folk in a socially distanced manner at least.

Soon it will be our turn to be vaccinated and the summer will be here. Fingers crossed we'll be able to travel a little and see people. In the meantime I've got the week off next week – maybe I'll walk out beyond that 3 mile zone, staying local but a little less so!

Entry 73 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-04-03 #100DaysToOffload #lockdown

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