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On blogging frequency

When I started this blog, the “100 Days to Offload” challenge of 100 posts in a year seemed like a good target and it still is! It is an aspirational target and it doesn't really matter whether I hit it or not, what matters is that it has got me blogging again, putting words down on virtual paper. I've been having fun with it, typing out blog posts that range from serious to light-hearted, journal-style to the odd poem or two. It's been an outlet in a year of global lows with the pandemic and personal highs with the birth of my daughter. Still, let's see how I'm doing with the challenge itself!

46 posts in 206 days, averaging about 1 post every 4.5 days. That's less frequent than I need to hit the challenge but I could still make it if I up my game to about 1 every 2.5 days. Will I? Who knows! The important thing is to blog when it feels right to and not to make it a chore, since the blogging itself is the reward and not the numbers. Still, congrats to those who have made it to the end – I'm sure it does feel rewarding!

I thought I'd plot those numbers up in a graph anyway. Since I'm typing away on my Star Lite Linux laptop I thought I'd use LibreOffice Calc. Argh! I forgot how frustrating it is to try to format graphs using a program you aren't familiar with! I experienced the same thing when Microsoft Office upgraded to their ribbon format. Still, here it is below anyway. The dotted line shows the idealised “100 Days to Offload” schedule. The major gaps in posts are the first month or so of my daughter's life, when I was too tired and busy to post, and an intense work period later in the year.

Graph showing blogging frequency 17 Dec 2020

Right, as fun as this is, I really should be getting some sleep – let's see if I'm back in another 2.5 days or so for another post!

Entry 46 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-12-17 #100DaysToOffload #blogging

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