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The vaccines are coming!

Behold and rejoice! The vaccines are coming! Spread the good news in this season of joy and hope! The roll-out will soon start in the UK and across the world. One vaccine first then others to follow. It'll take time, starting with our most vulnerable and our front-line workers, then reaching the rest of the population as logistics allow. We will see how different countries proceed (e.g. China and Russia with their own parallel programmes), in the same way that they all responded differently to the global march of the pandemic.

Big Pharma, much maligned, and oftentimes with good reason, has and will continue to pull out all the stops together with public health bodies, academic experts etc. The least we can do as ordinary citizens is be patient and not give in to lockdown fatigue. You know what I mean. Getting lazy about social distancing on the street etc. Thinking it's OK for you to break the rules and recommendations about social gatherings because surely you won't get the virus, if you do it won't be serious, who's going to know anyway? etc. etc. Selfish, irresponsible actions.

I'm a little worried for the US and my friends and their families who live there. The indefensible, scaremongering, life-endangering cancer of the anti-vaccination movement has a real foothold there and I hope it doesn't prevent that country's recovery. The disgraced and discredited British former-doctor Andrew Wakefield continues to have a lot to answer for.

I'm a little worried for my parents and one remaining grandparent, all in the most vulnerable categories but surviving so far.

The World shouldn't go back to “normal” after all of this. Humanity only ever seems to learn and respond to major shocks to the system so let's learn and respond. Personally, I think we should also take the opportunity to re-orientate societies more fully around shared values rather than individualised goals of self-interest and consumerism. How can we align societal drivers to maximise the wellbeing and resilience of people and the environment rather than economic bottom lines?

I mainly write this blog as a bit of creativity and escapism, capturing moments and impressions of life, big and small. However, years from now I wouldn't want to miss my thoughts on this one.

Entry 45 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2020-12-06 #100DaysToOffload #lockdown

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