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Week 2 complete (couch to 5k)

Another three runs (Mon 4th, Weds 6th, Sat 9th), this time six repeats of 90 secs running with two mins walking between each, 5 mins brisk walk at start and end. I enjoyed stretching my legs a bit further on the runs. The second one in particular felt more energised. The last one a little less so but by then I'd started a diet plan to loose weight as well!

To make life simpler, I'm trying the Slimfast diet plan. Meal replacement bars and shakes, with the exception of the evening meal. Not the most interesting but hopefully it'll be the kick-start that I need and I'll pick up some healthy eating habits (fruit, carrot sticks etc.) along the way too. We'll see how it goes!

My wife bought me an early birthday present of some running leggings that actually fit so I don't have to squeeze into those old long johns anymore (phew!).

My right knee is complaining a little but nothing too bad. Next week the challenge will be fitting this around the work day so I'm glad I've got the first two weeks under my belt already – hopefully blogging about it once a week will also keep me on track!

Entry 52 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2021-01-09 #100DaysToOffload #running #CouchTo5k #diet

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