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Happy Birthday to Me! Birthday 43! A strange one with this pandemic. No celebratory drinks in the pub or even a work day off since it falls on a Sunday. Still, a few nice cards through the post, a bottle of Islay whisky from some close friends, a good run, a birthday haircut from my wife, a few calls with friends and family, and a takeaway dinner will do nicely!

Week 3 complete (couch to 5k)

Another three runs completed this week (Tues 12th, Fri 15th, Sun 17th), this time two cycles of 90 secs running, 90 secs walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking, kicked off by 5 mins brisk walk at the start. My new running tights kept me warm and I found some new back alleys to run down nicely clear of people. Had to be a bit more flexible with the running days as we had some good wet Welsh weather. I'm looking forward to the 5 min chunks of running next week too.

Dieting sucks

So far I've lost about four pounds through the Slimfast diet plan in a week and a half. I wouldn't say I'm loving it, I've definitely been hangry and the meal replacement bars/shakes are a little too sweet-tooth orientated but it seems to be working without too much effort. Let's see if I can keep to it – I am enjoying not feeling bloated.

That's all for now – trying to type this out without disturbing the baby sleeping on me is tricky!

Entry 53 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

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